• The 14th Shenzhen International Chemical Equipment Fair

    The 14th Shenzhen International Chemical Equipment Fair

    Dingsheng pipe industry co., ltd was established in 2008, is a high-tech enterprise in Zhejiang province. We specialized in the design and manufacture of flanges and pipe fittings according to standards ANSI, ASME, DIN, JIS, GOST, BS and ISO, ...
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  • What Is A Flange Connection

    What Is A Flange Connection

    Flange connection, as the name implies, is a joint that tightly connects two flanges at both ends of the pipeline. This joint is easy to disassemble and has good sealing performance. 1 What is a flange connection Flange connection is actually a kind of joint that connects pipelines to each other,...
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  • The Role of The Flange

    The Role of The Flange

    Flanges are parts that connect pipes to each other, and are generally used for the connection between pipe ends. Flanges are mainly used in industry and play an important role in industrial manufacturing. Therefore, the market demand for flanges is relatively large. As an industrial part, the fla...
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  • Dingsheng Stainless Steel Flange

    Dingsheng Stainless Steel Flange

    Flange is a disc-shaped part, which is the most common in pipeline engineering. Flanges are used in pairs and with matching flanges on valves. In pipeline engineering, flanges are mainly used for the connection of pipelines. Install a flange at each end of the pipe to be connected. Threaded flang...
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