Hot Selling SS Steel Pipe 304/321/316L Welded/seamless Stainless Steel Pipe

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Process: Cold Drawing, Argon Arc Welding.

Sizes: Seamless Type: 1/2″ -24″ (DN15-DN500).

Welded Type: 6″ -80″ (DN150-DN2000).

Standards: GB14976-2002, GB13296-2007, GB/T12771-2002; ASTM A-312, ASTM A-213, ASTM A-358.

Schedules: Sch5S-Sch80S; Sch 10-Sch160; XS-XXS.

Materials: TP304; TP304H; TP316; TP316L; TP321; TP321H; TP317L; TP310S; TP347H.

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Stainless steel pipe is primarily used in piping systems for the transport of fluids or gases. We manufacture steel pipe from a steel alloy containing nickel as well as chromium, which give stainless steel its corrosion-resistant properties. Stainless steel pipe resists oxidation, making it a low-maintenance solution that is suitable for high temperature and chemical applications. Because it is easily cleaned and sanitized, stainless steel pipe is also desired for applications involving food, beverages, and pharmaceutical applications.


Stainless steel pipe is commonly manufactured using a welding process or extrusion. The welding process involves shaping steel into a pipe shape and then welding the seams together to hold the shape. Extrusion creates a seamless product and involves heating a steel rod and then piercing it through the middle to create a pipe.

The term “pipe” and “tube” are often used to describe the same product, but it is important to know the difference. Though they share the same cylindrical shape, steel pipes are measured by the interior diameter (ID), whereas steel tubes are measured by the outside diameter (OD) and wall thickness. Another difference is that pipes are used to transport fluids and gases, while tubes are used to build parts or structural components.
Stainless Steel Pipes Provide Long-Lasting Durability and Corrosion Resistance.
DS Tubes provides stainless steel pipe that is welded and manufactured to ASTM A-312 and ASME SA-312 and are offered in 304/L and 316/L grades of steel. We generally make our welded stainless pipe in sizes ranging from 1/8" nominal to 24" nominal. We also provide seamless stainless steel pipe manufactured to ASTM A-312 and offered in both 304/L and 316L grades of steel. The nominal size range for our seamless stainless pipes typically ranges from 1/8" - 8".
Some of the common applications for stainless steel pipe include:
Food processing; Textile operations; Breweries; Water treatment plants; Oil and gas processing; Fertilizers and pesticides; Chemical applications; Construction; Pharmaceuticals; Automotive components.

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